Catch Me patch me

Catch Me patch me

¡El adelgazamiento se hace más fácil!


"...The visual impact is nothing compared to that created by the staff whose attention, from a personal greeting the moment you enter, never flags. In seconds a waiter has split open your own pack of chopsticks, presented you with menus and given you the impression he is on hand for your benefit and no one else.

In two hours the service was impeccable...apart from soft enquiries to ensure everything was satisfactory, I did not see or hear the staff exchange any words..there was not even any background noise from the nearby kitchen...

The appearance of the establishment is a departure from the normal Chinese restaurant. And so is the menu. Gone are the usual European and Americanised dishes. The wide range of meats, fish, chicken and vegetables are drawn from various regions of China.

...The personal attention never faltered. Our coffee cups were refilled without asking (free of charge) and we were invited to enjoy a third. I remarked to my wife that I must ask for a card to pass on to my friends....."

"Tatyan's in Cirencester is one of the best places for a meal, featuring an array of Peking, Hunan and Szechuan specialities. The menu is large (nearly a dozen prawn dishes, for example)..."



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"Readers who are culinary experts, and familiar with the Good Food Guide, will probobaly have already experienced the wonderful cuisine at Tatyans Chinese Restaurant in Cirencester.

Tatyans is a well-established, popular eating place, and thoroughly deserves the excellent reports it receives in the 1992 Good Food Guide.

The wide variety of dishes on the menu includes: satays and Hunan specialities, as well as the more familiar Peking and Szechuan items ranging from hot and sour soup to the most superb crispy aromatic duck.

The wine list carries some interesting wines offerded to complement the food, and marry perfectly to any food you choose. The Guide observes the Tatyans is a 'cut above the provincial average' and is well worth a visit."

"Szechuan, Hunan and Peking regional cooking provice the specialities on a wide ranging evening menu.... Friendly and helpful service....."

"In the the town that is the world capital of green wellington boots, waxed jackets and Range Rovers, no one might expect a good Chinese restaurant....Szechuan and sizzling dishes take pride of place, though Peking forms the bulk. Spicing has been found subtle and accurate in the Szechuan food and the quality of materials is very high. The Peking duck is properly prepared and comes well recommended. The wine list is equally unexpected: three dozen thoroughbreds, almost all French, from good and fashionable growers."

"Tatyans in Cirencester was previously the Paramount....Its old, moody, secretive guise has been thrown onto a skip and the whole frontage bravely opened up with windows accross the entire fascia to let the town see what's afoot..local staff and some Indonesian dishes, but the kitchen sticks firmly with successful and popular dishes - sizzling beef and pork arrive spitting on the tablecloths. Naturally there is duck."

"Cirencester has an unusually good Chinese restaraunt, called Tatyans."

"Mr Tatyan wanted to create a place that was elegant and welcoming as a prosperous Gloucestershire home. the Hunan-Sichuan slanted menu is short, with the house placing special emphasis on its sauces in dishes such as chicken and cashew nuts in yellow bean sauce. The regular dishes are well executed, such as shredded beef spiced with chilli and sugar and crispy duck. A notably good wine list."